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Friends  of  Dyslexia Art Auction

We are presenting a new and innovated way to showcase art work created by local Dyslexic Artists in Winnipeg Manitoba. All creative art pieces will be donated to Friends of Dyslexia Art Auction. 

Future artist will be able to get their art work out there for people to enjoy and to be inspired. 

All Processed of these beautiful pieces of art will go towards sponsoring someone who is dyslexic to get the education they need to close the gaps of reading and spelling. We at Friends of Dyslexia believe that everyone has the RIGHT to read and spelling and have the appropriate accommodations and resources to give opportunities to these amazing bright Children and young Adults struggling with reading and spelling. 

With the support of volunteers and Local Artist Donations we are one step closer to changing someones life Path.



  To  Donate Your Art: 

We are collecting art from local artist as well across Canada. We would appreciate your donation and any question or concerned you can email us down below. If send your art through postage Drop off location for mail is down below. 

What we are looking for: Every art piece must include a back round story about your self or what this pieces of art means to you as a person or what it represents as well where your are from and your age. Letting people know about your story is or what inspires you will create a domino effect to inspire the next leading artist to show case there own work. Here at Friends of Dyslexia we encourage creativity in any form, and share stories of inspiration to create a better Dyslexic Community. 


Deadlines: This art auction will be open all year around. Friends of Dyslexia live auction will be hosted at our chosen venue once a year in October For Dyslexia Awareness Month. 

Guidelines: Friends of Dyslexia Online Store is through E-bay so all rules/policies and Shipping and handling is regulated through their business. If any questions E-bays link for policies.

Calling all artist Lets get inspired and create success.

Funky Title



Contact Leader:

Kersten Cadotte

Tel. 431-373-8352 

Winnipeg, Manitoba



Drop-off Address:

204-825 Sherbrook St. Winnipeg, Manitoba

R3C 2B6




Thanks for submitting!

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